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A Comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist: AJG Will Fix It

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A home is more than a place to live; it’s an investment that needs ongoing care and maintenance to remain valuable, secure, and cost-efficient over time. At AJG Will Fix It, we understand the significance of well-maintained properties; with that, in mind, we’ve developed this comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist to Guide as a roadmap to ensure its longevity, comfort, and functionality for generations. Join us as we travel down this road together!

Keypoints of Home Maintenance Checklist:

The main key points of the home maintenance checklist are:

  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Interior Maintenance
  • Tasks to Complete at Annual and Seasonal Intervals
  • Long-Term Planning

Exterior Maintenance:

Roof Inspection:

Roof maintenance should begin with a comprehensive roof inspection to check for damaged or missing shingles, flashing around chimneys and vents, debris in gutters that might cause water damage and any potential issues early. Regular inspections can help identify potential issues early and extend their life.

Siding and Paint:

Your home’s exterior plays a pivotal role in its curb appeal and protection. Regularly check its siding for cracks, peeling or signs of rot; touch up or repaint wear areas showing wear to protect against weathering; power wash siding to remove dirt and mold, to maintain its visual appeal while protecting against potential damages.

Windows and Doors:

Windows and doors are essential elements to energy efficiency and home security. Be on the lookout for drafts near windows and doors, lubricate hinges and locks as needed, inspect weatherstripping for damage and replace if necessary – an energy-efficient home is comfortable while saving on costs; promptly addressing these issues ensures a home remains energy-efficient.

Foundational Test:

An adequate foundation is crucial to your home’s structural integrity. Regular inspection should include checking for cracks or shifts, with proper drainage away from your home to avoid water damage. Any visible damages should be attended to immediately in order to prevent more severe issues down the line.

Deck and Patio Maintenance:

Outdoor spaces add great enjoyment and safety to any home. When inspecting decks and patios for loose boards or damaged structures, power wash and seal wooden decks to protect them from weathering damage and check metal components for signs of rust rust, as this will ensure they remain both aesthetically pleasing and safe spaces for use.


Maintaining a beautiful landscape will bring out the best in your home’s curb appeal. Trim trees and shrubs away from the house, clean gutters regularly and fertilize/reseed the lawn as needed – regular landscaping helps not only to ensure its visual appearance, but also contributes to its health benefits.

Interior Maintenance:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems:

An efficient HVAC system is vital to creating a comfortable home. To keep it operating at optimal performance, change filters regularly, schedule professional maintenance as necessary, and clean air ducts to improve air quality. A well-kept HVAC system increases indoor comfort while simultaneously cutting energy costs.

Plumbing Inspection:

As soon as a plumbing issue arises, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage to your home’s plumbing system. Check for leaks under sinks and toilets, check water pressure levels and flush the water heater regularly to flush away sediment accumulations – proactive plumbing servicing ensures water damage prevention as well as the efficient functioning of your home’s plumbing system.

Electrical System:

Electrical safety should always be at the forefront of our minds. Make sure to test smoke detectors, replace batteries regularly and inspect wiring for signs of wear or damage; consider switching out energy-inefficient lights for more eco-friendly alternatives to reduce energy consumption – all essential steps towards maintaining an effective and safe electrical system in any home. Regular checks contribute towards an improved electrical system in any household.


Appliances are integral parts of modern living and need regular care and attention. Clean fridge coils and vents, inspect seals on doors, service the dishwasher or garbage disposal, etc. Regular maintenance not only extends their lifespan but also ensures optimal performance of these essential devices.

Interior Painting:

Interior paint plays an essential part in creating an inviting ambiance in any home. Regular interior painting not only increases aesthetic appeal, but it can also protect surfaces against wear and tear.

Caulking and Sealing:

Proper sealing contributes to energy efficiency and prevents water damage in the home. Regular checks and maintenance ensure a tight seal around windows and doors, gaps or cracks in walls, and tight seals around bathroom fixtures – all contributing to an energy-efficient yet comfortable home environment.


Flooring can take a beating on a daily basis. Regular inspection is key to maintaining its condition and improving its appearance – check for loose tiles or floorboards, clean carpets thoroughly and treat hardwood floors with protective coatings to maintain optimal results. Regular upkeep preserves its condition while adding value to your home.

Tasks to Complete at Annual and Seasonal Intervals:

Deep Clean:

An annual deep clean is crucial to creating a healthy living environment. Plan an in-depth cleaning of all parts of the house – carpets, drapes and upholstery as well as walls, baseboards, and ceiling fans to remove dust and allergens from dust bunnies that gather in corners.

Check Safety Devices:

Security devices are essential to your family’s well-being. Regular tests of carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and escape plans ensure these safety devices remain operational when needed to provide protection.

Attic and Basement Inspection:

Although sometimes neglected, attic and basement spaces require attention from homeowners. Look out for any leaks or water damage, ensure appropriate insulation levels in the attic, clean and declutter storage areas regularly to avoid potential issues and ensure overall home health. Regular check-ups prevent future issues as well as contribute to their well-being.

Pest Control:

Pest control is essential to maintaining a comfortable living environment. Hire professional pest control services, monitor for signs of termite or rodent activity and seal any cracks and openings to block access by pests – preventative measures help safeguard against potential infestations in your home.

Garage Maintenance:

A garage serves multiple functions. Regular garage maintenance ensures this space remains functional and declutter-free, from inspecting door mechanisms for smooth operation, inspecting for water leaks or damage and organizing storage areas to decluttering storage areas and organizing and decluttering them.

Check Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting plays an integral part in both safety and curb appeal. Regular checks to maintain visibility and security around your home should include replacing bulbs in outdoor light fixtures, inspecting wiring for damage, upgrading to energy-efficient options or switching on energy-saving lights.

Long-Term Planning:

Renovation and Upgrade Projects:

As your home ages, consider major renovations to improve both its functionality and aesthetics. Set a budget for kitchen or bathroom upgrades as well as energy-saving ones to save on costs in the long run. Long-term planning ensures your home remains modern and efficient.

Insulation Inspection:

Insulation is essential to energy efficiency. Be sure that walls, attic and any gaps or cracks have adequate insulation in place, seal any potential heat leakage points to stop heat loss, upgrade insulation materials as necessary, and upgrade as appropriate for more comfortable and energy-efficient living conditions. Adequate insulation contributes to a comfortable home that saves on costs over time.

Analyzing Home Security:

Home security should be treated as a long-term consideration to ensure the well-being of both you and your property. Assess the effectiveness of current measures, consider installing a smart home security system and reinforce doors and windows for added protection – long-term planning is the key to keeping your home a safe haven.

Review Home Insurance:

Periodically review and update home insurance policies, especially after renovations or significant upgrades are complete. Bundling policies could potentially save money; regular reviews ensure coverage corresponds with current home conditions.


Maintaining a home requires constant care and dedication to detail. At AJG Will Fix It, we understand this journey is challenging but are here to support it, ensuring your home remains a comfortable and safe haven. By following the extensive Home Maintenance Checklist compiled here by us at AJG Will Fix It you’ll not only preserve the value of your investment but also create living spaces that reflect your style and personality. Trust in AJG Will Fix It as your reliable partner to maintain optimal condition for years to come – not only preventing costly repairs but also improving its overall condition!

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